Travel in India – Neemrana Fort

The Neemrana Fort-Palace is a stunning 15th century fort converted into a five-star boutique hotel located between New Delhi and Jaipur.  It’s one of the most beautiful weekend getaways and by far one  I have  most enjoyed photographing.

The ruins of this fort have been beautifully restored and reconstructed from 1986 onward to blend into the heritage sections.   Discovering the ten levels of Neemrana fort palace is an adventure in itself.  The fort palace has open decks, quaint nooks and corners, covered courtyards and dim stairwells all around. The fort is located on a horse shoe shaped hill and offers some stunning views of the plains below.



6 thoughts on “Travel in India – Neemrana Fort

  1. It’s a lovely piece of serendipity to stumble into these pictures – I remember reading about this place in Christoper Kremmer’s Inhaling the Mahatma. Wonderful to see the completed project. I have to admit I’ve a real soft spot for ‘destination’ hotels like this – it’s like walking through the looking glass and playing out one’s fantasies in real sets with real props.

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